When conceiving the Alternative Softball League, there were two things that I thought would be crucial to the success of the league:

1) that it would consist of “like-minded” people; and
2) that it would be co-ed.

The co-ed part is a no-brainer; the like-minded people concept slightly more abstract. “Creative types” would probably best describe the folks participating in the league. Look at the list of teams. These Austin-born independent businesses are responsible for a lot of what makes this city one of the greatest in the world. Many of the players are prominent musicians, filmmakers, artists, talent buyers, deejays, writers, editors, and you get the point.

Through these two concepts the league has flourished, romances have blossomed, a child has been born, and a tight-knit community of friends has formed.

While drunkenly scribbling out the main tenets of the league (which we still ascribe to today), never in my wildest dreams did I think it would become such a huge part of our lives. But it has, and most likely will remain so for years to come.

Thanks is due to everyone who has played in or attended an ASL game. This league is you and you are the league.

-Mark Fagan, Alternative Softball League Commissioner