ASL Podcast #1

April 3rd, 2010 by altsoftball


Mike B., Mike C. and Mark F. discuss week 1.5 of ASL 2010. Listen/download here. And thanks to Mark Twistworthy and the No No No Hopes for the music!

2 Responses to “ASL Podcast #1”

  1. WV Trae says:

    In regards to #s of Players in the lineup:

    Wheatsville took a vote early on, and play time was a big factor in our vote. Players don’t get a “Proper” amount of playtime. On the otherhand, we wanted to win as well. I personally think Mark has a really good point.
    I think that the competitve whirlwind that swept the league last year is a large part of whats going on with the lineups this year. Outside of Big Scaywee C3, teams were adding monster players to combat the teams that were dominating and shortening lineups as well.
    I saw really early on last season, SXSW(Had a short lineup all season) was going to be a tough game if they fired on all cylinders with their short lineup and they came around and did really well towards the end of the season. Honestly, that’s just the lineup they had and it wasn’t for competitve reasons, until they, like other teams added some pretty amazing players towards the end of the season.

    Say what you will, but I feel like like I’m at barton springs booing the guy that can do triple flips into a dive and cheering for the guy that accidentally belly flops trying to do something super sweet.

    There seems to be some weird onesidedness to that argument, because noone makes a comment about an addition of someone that is unnoticeable on the statsheet.

    If there was a cap of sorts that the minimum was 15 players that would be fine, but as I said before, Playing time was a big deal, and everyone has a voice on our team, for Wheatsville. We want everyone to have fun without worry if they are going to get to play the amount time they want.

    I have Cap solutions if you want to run 12 people deep. I don’t think it should come to that as I agree with Mark and say, if you want to win that bad go to city league, and alter your team how you see fit.

    I am in agreeance to wanting to see a good softball game. We don’t ride our bikes 7 or 8 miles out there to watch a blowout.

    Lets have some fun

  2. Beth B. says:

    I’d really like to hear more discussion about how co-ed the league is. 1/4 of the players in your line-up being women is hardly co-ed.

    Where is the defense of competition? Competition is healthy! Like “Dr. Perfect” Crissey said, when you’re losing you have to look at your own team and say “what are we doing out there?”

    Part of the reason that it’s beneficial to your workplace to have a softball team is that it’s a team building activity. Looking at yourselves as a group and as individuals and having to recognize each other’s and your own weaknesses and strengths is insanely valuable. And it carries over in to the workplace.

    You have to learn to trust the people who know more than you, and you have to learn how they communicate in order to learn from them. Building yourself into a better team is something that is fueled by the desire to win, and that’s where the personal growth/organization growth happens in softball. For me, I need two things for softball to be worthwhile: growth and community.