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ASL Podcast #6

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

podcastlogoHEY MORON! Take a swing at this week’s podcast, featuring Mike Crissey, Mike Bartnett, and our co-hosts Long Le and Dave Youmans of the KOOP Radio Killawatts (Killa-what!?). In this episode, we chatter about the last couple weeks of ASL play, upcoming playoff scenarios, KOOP’s comeuppance, and tons of other fun facts. Listen/download here. BookPeople, you can put your headphones back on now.

Update: Believe it or not, we now have an ASL Hotline. You can call and leave questions/comments for the ASL Podcast at 512-777-1ASL.


SXSW vs. C3 2009 Championship

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Post-game from the ASL 2009 Championship with SXSW and C3 Presents.

SXSW vs. Chronicle North Division Final

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Mike Crissey does post-game interviews with the Austin Chronicle and SXSW after the Alternative Softball League’s North Division Final.

New Bro vs. C3 Presents South Division Final

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Wheatsville’s Mike Crissey chats it up with C3 Presents and New Brohemia after the Alternative Softball League’s South Division Final.

C3 Presents Beats New Brohemia, Advances to ASL Championship

Friday, October 30th, 2009


Bryce Fegley homered twice to drive in five runs, while pitcher Dirk Stahlnecker and C3 Presents allowed just 18 hits to beat the Nihilist Fucking Eagles of New Brohemia 16-7 in the Alternative Softball League South Division Final.

The Master Batters, who had the best record in the ASL this year (11-2), will play the winner of the North Division Finals, either South by Southwest (6-7) or last year’s champions, The Austin Chronicle (10-3).

After New Brohemia scored a couple of quick runs in the top of the first, Bryce Fegley (3-for-4) tied the game in the bottom with a 2-run alternative home run on an arcing fly ball that bounced off Joe Holzheimer‘s glove in right-center field.

C3 Presents took the lead for good three batters later when Eagles’ outfielder Rye Wilson couldn’t get a grip on Laura Hundley Ritts‘ sharp grounder in the soaked turf along the left-field line. She got a double and Charles Attal scored.

The Master Batters held the Eagles to one hit over the second and third innings and then started to pull away, building an 8-4 lead before Fegley sliced a 3-run home run down the right field line in the fifth inning for an 11-4 lead.

It was too much for the Eagles, who needed to play a complete game against C3 Presents, much like their come-together come-from-behind 10-6 win on August 26. That game, New Brohemia held C3 Presents to 15 hits and Brian Campbell, Mike Elliott and Joe Holzheimer each homered.

Jim “Pancakes” Turner, the ASL’s batting champ who came into the game batting 6-for-6 against the Master Batters, went 2-for-3 with a triple. Brian Campbell drove in 2 runs, batting 2-for-3 with two doubles, and Mark Twistworthy went 3-for-3 and drove in a run.

But like their first meeting this season, New Brohemia had some holes in their batting order. Bree Blaha went hitless; she entered the game with a .553 batting average and going 5-for-6 against C3. Erik “Swede” Seaholm, who batted for a .606 average this season, went 1-for-3. The last five New Brohemia batters went 1-for-12 collectively.

New Brohemia, the third seed in the ASL South, got to the finals by beating second seed Waterloo Records 15-9 in the first round playoff game on Oct. 6.

The Eagles soared to a 15-3 lead in the first three innings, including a 3-run homer by “Swede” in the first and a 2-run home run by Stan Rose in the second inning.

Waterloo Records started playing defense after that, holding the Eagles to two hits over the next six innings, but they couldn’t muster enough offense to win.

Mike Crissey

New Bro vs. Waterloo First-Round Playoff

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Wheatsville’s Mike Crissey runs his mouth with New Bro and Waterloo after the first game of the Alternative Softball League’s South Division Playoffs.

SXSW vs. Wheatsville First-Round Playoff

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

KOOP Radio’s Long Le talks shop with SXSW and Wheatsville after the North Division Semi-Finals of the Alternative Softball League Playoffs.

There Can Be Only One

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

The 'Chronicle' celebrate their 2008 ASL title with the Carmadillo

It was a game – and a season – that the late cultural critic John Leonard would have loved, its “cumulative tension” released only after the last out was recorded on Oct. 19, its Fabian policy and vagaries finally giving way to the “hand grenades and machine guns” of more traditional fall sports like football, basketball, and hockey. Of course, Leonard was talking about baseball there, and I’m talking about its slovenly civilian counterpart, softball, but whatever, the Chronicle still won.

After a four-game losing streak stretching back to a charity tournament late last year (and by charity, I mean we gave that shit away) through an 0-2 start to the inaugural Alternative Softball League season early this summer – simultaneously cementing the tendency of its “fanbase” to all but ignore the team’s very existence – the Chronicle flipped the switch in time to emerge as 2008 champions, dispensing of archrival BookPeople in a back-and-forth 11-9 thriller. The win was the Chronicle‘s fourth in six games against the Filthy Animals from Sixth and Lamar, dating back to the days of the Unofficial Shadow League of Local Businesses. The overall score in those six games? Illustrating once again that the numbers do, in fact, lie, somehow something like 70-67 BookPeople. Cumulative tension, indeed.

This latest in a long line of instant classics happened in front of a fired-up throng of 6,000-plus lucky witnesses to history at Krieg Field No. 4. The record gathering came to get face time on News 8, I’m fairly certain, but when the lazy broadcast bastards didn’t show up, they turned their attention to hot dogs, a keg, and the Carmadillo. An estimated eight of them were rooting for the paper’s poet warriors, more commonly known among longtime Austin softball followers as the Infantile Retards.

Eight was enough, as it were, because the vocal minority pro-Chronicle crowd was deafeningly loud and rabidly literate, with one fan, Samantha, rotating four – four – signs throughout the contest: “Chronicle/Softball/We Rule”; “I’d Rather Be Here Than in Tampa [where the Rays were in the process of besting the Boston Red Sox in seven games]”; “Beat BookPeople”; and “D” (one side), “Picture of a Fence” (other side). Samantha, sadly, at no point stripped and streaked onto the field, à la BookPeople supporter Noah after outfielder Dale‘s eighth-inning home run – his second of the game – that tied the score 9-9. Proving to be his favorite team’s final highlight, the speedy Noah was a blur of body hair and ecstatic savagery.

Believe it or not, there had been a more bizarre tour around the bases an inning earlier, when Chronicle publisher Nick Barbaro – basically an older, slower, wealthier, and more clothed Noah – extended the Chronicle‘s short-lived lead to 9-5 on a bloop home run down the right-field line. Apparently taking a victory lap six outs before victory was actually achieved, Barbaro casually circled the diamond with a grin as BookPeople’s comically erratic relay throws caused the ball to trail him like an outwitted smart bomb or a heat-seeking missile from assorted Looney Toons installments. Cruising for home, the ball hovering politely near his shoulder as if to say “after you,” Barbaro shrugged, seemingly oblivious to the course of events while teammates and fans screamed at him to pick up the pace, and crossed the plate. As is often the case, he must have known something we didn’t. He must have known these playoffs were his: In two games, the erstwhile role player went 7-7 with 5 runs scored and 6 RBI. That is what we in the business call production.

But if Barbaro is the Chronicle‘s playoff MVP, as many would argue, he might have to share the award with many of his teammates. Perhaps the most unexpected candidate is light-hitting catcher Kristine Tofte, whose groundout in the bottom of the eighth drove in what would turn out to be the winning run after BookPeople had battled back from a 9-5 deficit in the top half to knot things up. Other major contributors included captain and leadoff man Bobby Leath (7-9 with 4 runs); clutch second basewoman, trophy designer, and multiple gold ball winner Shannon Stott; left fielder Mike B. (5-7, 6 runs, 5 RBI, and stellar defense); third baseman Travis (6-7, 4 runs, a league-leading 8 RBI); me, for too many reasons to number here; “The Appalachian Natural” Doug Freeman, who uses a fiddle bow tied with live snakes to a ham hock in place of a bat (6-7, 5 runs); ASL Commissioner and left-center-fielder Mark Fagan (6-7), whose gliding catch in the top of the ninth stopped a BookPeople rally before it started; the great first baseman and expert batsman Michael King, who managed to score 3 playoff runs despite an absence of legs; veteran outfielder James Renovitch, who had a huge hit in the sixth frame of the championship; the dynamic Cassie Wright; Logan Youree, for his miraculously rapid improvement and his camera; line-drive machine Simon; Christina Jupson; and ace Charlie Sotelo, who returned from a regular-season injury to pitch the paper to a title in what were possibly his last two games with the team. Also Patrick’s mom.

Alas, only six of those worthies will play in the first annual ASL All Star Game, this Sunday, Nov. 16, 3:30pm, at Havins No. 1. Mike B., Jupson, Leath, Travis, Stott, and I will join representatives from BookPeople, Emo’s, KOOP Radio, and Waterloo Records in an exhibition of softball skill and a celebration of our fading youth. Come drink beer and get your car broken into. There will be a piñata filled with cocaine and jewels, as well as a mystery guest. For the full rosters and more information on the ASL, see

Shawn Badgley

BookPeople Advances to ASL Championship Game

Monday, October 6th, 2008

Waterloo Records' Chris Anderson strikes a pose (Photo by Logan Youree)

Last night, BookPeople turned a page in Alternative Softball League history, coming back from an end-of-the-season slump to defeat Waterloo Records and advance to the ASL Championship Game. Fourth place BookPeople had their work cut out for them going up against Waterloo Records, who finished the season in first place with an intimidating 6-2 record. But, at the end of the game, it was BookPeople that came out on top, 17-15, advancing to the ASL Final against The Austin Chronicle.

After the first inning, the game was tied 3-3, but a strong offensive showing in the second and third put BookPeople up 11-3. Despite a valiant effort from the Waterloo team, closing the gap midgame to 11-7, BookPeople continued to hold onto the lead. A good run in the bottom of the eighth looked promising for Waterloo, but solid defensive play by BookPeople secured a third out with the bases loaded, preventing a potential comeback. In the bottom of the ninth, Waterloo had a chance, but ultimately fell short of the two runs they needed to force extra innings. Highlights from the game include a solo-shot home run by BookPeople’s Jeff Rose, as well as an equipment-hurdling, fence-clashing foul catch from BP third baseman Bryan “the Beast” Sansone. Kudos to Waterloo’s Chris Anderson, who had a three-run homer in the first to tie the game 3-3.

The Championship Game is scheduled for October 19 and the awards ceremony will be held October 21 at Emo’s Lounge. Stay tuned for information about the ASL All-Star Game, which will take place after the season final. Game on!

Michael Bartnett

ASL Playoffs Heat Up

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Fans cheer on the 'Chronicle' as they defeat Emo's in the ASL playoffs' first round (Photo by Logan Youree)

Yes, that’s right, the inaugural season of the Alternative Softball League, sadly, is nearing its dramatic conclusion. It’s hard to believe that only a few months ago this fledgling sporting venture was just getting its wings, but here they are, done with the regular season and cleat-deep into the playoffs.

On September 22, The Austin Chronicle defeated Emo’s, 32-12, and moved on to the ASL Championship Game (time and date TBA). This Sunday, October 5, Waterloo Records (who have dominated the league and finished in first place) and BookPeople (who barely slid into fourth place and the final playoff spot as a result of a KOOP Radio loss to Waterloo in the last game of the regular season) will throw down in an epic battle to see who will move on to the ASL Final.

Come on out to Krieg Field No. 11 at 7:30pm for one of only two chances left to witness the spectacle that is the Alternative Softball League. Are you ready for some softball!?

Michael Bartnett